Discover, catalog and enrich all your data assets

Sidecar is a simple and intuitive tool that helps you better understand and improve confidence in your data.

Core features to successfully manage your data assets

Key capabilities


Automatically gather all technical metadata


Create a clean and relevant hierarchy with your data assets


Intuitive way to understand your assets


Add meaningful context and associate key stakeholders

Manage sensitive data

Identify and tag sensitive data across the organization

Lean technology stack

Minimal IT expertise & common technologies

Data consumers will spend less time searching for the right data and focus on delivering fast insights


Stay up to date with your data assets

Collect technical information automatically

Periodically run updates to ensure accurate metadata

Catalog distant databases

Centralize all information in a single repository

Data Asset Bacteria Conditions
Data Organise


Create a clean and relevant hierarchy

Group your data assets through multiple strategic axes

Define your own thematic areas for your data assets, what we refer to as a “domain” in sidecar

Associate management solutions to these domains through applications

Add concepts to tag specific data assets


An intuitive way to understand your assets

Powerful visualisation to navigate through your data assets

Filter your assets by classifications, concepts, SME, product owner, etc.

Display the full details of a node



Add meaningful context

Add business context with clear definition of the assets and attributes

Describe in detail the business rules

Add key stakeholders such as the subject matter expert, the business owner or the ICT product owner to give data consumers additional support

Manage sensitive data

Identify sensitive data across the organization

Define your own data classification, such as GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA, etc.

Use the full text search functionality to scan all the data assets and automatically identify potential sensitive data

Create synonym and exclusion lists to narrow your search

Associate confidentiality levels to the attributes

Manage sensitive data

A simple solution for high business value

Easy installation

Complete documentation

Low ownership cost

Full access to database code

Clear and simple data model

Local support team

Lean Technology Stack

Minimal IT expertise & common technologies

The aim of sidecar is to provide a discreet tool, with low TCO, based on known technologies and mastered by most IT teams.

● Metadata central repository hosted in SQL Server database
● API to easily exchange information
● Web interface to enrich the assets
● Intuitive visualisations to explore data
● Jobs automatically collect and update metadata
● Full auditing tables to keep track of modifications and deletions

Lean Technology Stack

What you need to run sidecar

● Microsoft SQL Sever
● Full Text Search component
● Minimum privileges to tier databases

● ASP.NET Core version 3.1
● Easy as that!

Lean architecture for easy deployment and maintenance

When creating reports or dashboards, the analyst will select data to compose their query.

They will be able to obtain additional information on the data they want to analyse by browsing in Sidecar.

It is easy to obtain information on:

Obtain Information

the sources of the data
transformations that have happened (business rules)
the official definition of this data
the refresh rate in the system
as of when this data is available

They will be confident using the right data for the analysis

A student doing her master’s thesis will need accurate data to demonstrate her hypotheses.
With sidecar, the student will be able to browse the data catalog available in the analytical platform of the hospital.

The student will be autonomous in the selection of her research variables to define the patient cohort.

Accurate information

Accurate Information
Student will obtain precise information on each of the attributes
Student will be able to select with confidence and without ambiguity the data for her cohort thanks to the contextualization of the data
The research support team will be less involved
The availability of the research dataset will therefore be more precise and delivered faster

Less back and forth between the researcher and the teams performing the data extractions

Members of the compliance team will very quickly obtain a comprehensive list of the sensitive data that is dispersed across the applications of the company. They can create personalized classifications to exactly fit their needs and locate personal data in the blink of an eye.

They can also associate confidentiality levels to each data asset so the data consumers will know how to handle the data properly.

With the customized classifications they are able to refine their search by:

Refined search
Defining classification criteria
Adding synonyms
Adding Exclusion patterns
Automatically run a search

Discover sensitive data recently added in the transactional or decisional applications.

Automatically collect technical metadata from all data sources that are integrated into the analytical platform.

Data stewards of the different business lines can describe the data.

Business analysts use data with confidence and save precious time when looking for the right data.

Technical metadata collect

sidecar is a perfect fit to an analytical platform